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Believe it or not but once upon a time I was a happy, carefree child. I used to smile. I used to laugh. Now, I’d be surprised if I have the muscle capability let alone the will power. If I somehow managed to pull one of them off it would just be a fake, shallow one so what’s the point in even trying? As I grow older the world turns me colder. I’m all grown up now and I see the world for what it truly is, nothing more than a rock engulfed in lies, selfishness, sex, and drugs. No two people look alike but we are all clones to Societies’ Dictatorship, Prepare to Be Assembled… You claim you hate me but you made me this way, I’m your abortion that got way. Now I know why the caged bird sings… Because it wasn’t smart enough to realize that no one cares if it’s hurt, sad, if it’s lonely or anything. As far as their concerned you’re just another notch under their belts. As a child I was always told I had freedom but as I look around all I see is wasteland that starches far beyond the horizon. People living lies, people living nightmares, people….not even living at all. Face it, deep down where all dead inside. I was a fool to think that zombies only existed in horror films.


If your blue, keep busy. Pust forward your strong points.
Don't try to figure people out, ask them.


you're entirely right about people not being as free as we'd like even the people on top of the ladder are slaves. Having suffered from metaphysical trauma's and debates of my own I've decided that sometimes the most we can do is not the fuckheads bring us down and try to have some fun somewhere along the way. It's not always possible (especially if you're overly serious like I am) And remember as republicans like to say we are all jealous that we cant' be insensitive assholes like Mitt Romney who's such a bad ass that he can put his dog on the roof of his car for a twelve hour drive. Stop hating. he he he Just kidding with that last part.