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Sorry If I'm A Little Not Patriotic Today... - The Rainbow Lounge

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well i have google as my home page...and i see that "Google" is being spelled out by the lyrics..."This land was made for you and me"...funny how we like to think that this is true...but when it comes to issues concerning illegal immigration...that's where some Americans want to forget that we should share this land...which then turns out to be..."This land was made for me and not for you"...kinda sad when you think about it...i'm not looking to rain on anyone's 4th of July parade...but this is something that just came to my attention today...anyways i hope everyone enjoys their holiday...


Nothing wrong with questioning authority and the status quo Jony. I have a nephew that complained about immigrants and I told him the day he's willing to do the jobs they do for the pay they get he can complain.


Hey Jony, I understand how you feel. I hope they change the law soon for people like you.


thanks for hearing me out guys...and i totally agree with you Tom...not to mention let your nephew do the work for a miserable pay and possibly be exploited...but well it's easier to criticize than to actually take the time to be in someone else's shoes and see things for what they really are...