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======= THE 4th OF JULY ===== - The Rainbow Lounge

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Please have a good,4th of July,
from the UK.............

How are you going to Spend this Spl Day ????????.


Yep I wish u Guy's and Gal's all the Best on the 4th.


Thx. Usually a cook out with some form of ex-herbivore and beer.
My motorcycles in the shop for repair.


Well hey, I'm going to make mine F-U-N ! ! !
Already made cake, check!
Already made orange jigglers, check!
Bought chicken dogs, sausages and steaks, check!
Got beer and chips, check!

First sleep in...awwwww yes

Coffee with a brownie, yes

Cut my dogs hair

Fill sheep trough with cold water, yes

Water plants and self, yes

Read more of my book and newspaper while catching rays, yes

Bar-b-que, yes, yes, yes!

Eat, mmmmm, yes

Run inside when dorky hicks start firing off guns, rifles and mini cannons

Start praying no one lights off anything that can cause a fire

Watch a movie or two and snuggle into my wonderful bed!


Yeeeeh Debbie, that sound's really Cool, I might just try that on St Patrick's Day

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