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I want to be like the cool kids
I want to dance careless and free
But I don't wear what they do
I'm just me.

I want to run fast
Feel the wind in my air
But I just sit here
And I just stare

I want to fly high
With wings like a bird 
But I'm on the ground
I watch as they fly by

I want to love
And never get hurt
As my angel watches me from above
I just sit on the dirt

I want shiny new things
Like bracelets and rings
But what I have just
Turns to rust and dust

I want to hold on to hope
Live my dreams
But here I sit
Alone again it seems

I watch the pretty ones
As I am standing on the outside looking in
Just a loser
Who will never win


gee carol, is this how you are really feeling? Bcuz I can tell you that even if the feelings are there, you my friend are NO loser.

You mean a great deal to many folks here! Including me.
Big gentle hug from me to you.


I think we all feel this way sometimes.


I've certainly had those days

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