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this a new song im working song im working on - Your WRITES

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These are my dreams

I cant believe that im here
I finally made it
Never thought i would survive this long
It’s been a hard cold journey all by myself
Every time im happy I think its a dream
Because it only happens once in awhile
Im living in a crazy world
Trying to meet everyone’s expectations
Just 18 trying to hold the world on by own

I wish i could fall in love , i wish could be happy
I want it to be permanent not temporary
Over came suicide, thought I would try to ease my pain away
Cutting myself because i thought i wasn’t worth it
I just wanted my life to be over so i could be up in the sky
Shaking hands with god so he could take my pain away
Even changed my dream job to satisfy the ones around me

I don’t dream anymore, i only have goals and ambitions
I’m to realistic to play ,if there’s a god out their can you
Help me , their are days when I could just break down and cry
Mother left me when i was 2 , my dad can’t even get a job
Now im living with grandparents
I’m struggling with my life I’m too young for this
I need to break free; i need an escape from this place
Its turning out to be a nightmare


so any reviews


Dylan It is good I quite like It n If the last part gonna be a rap , It will be awesome

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