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Oh bitter tears
Taste them again
Stop taking chances
Hold on to your fears
Forget love and romances

It's all a lie
You're alone 
You live and you die

Dreams are for fools
Don't play by the rules
You'll be broken and sad
Fight your own battle
Lose for good to the bad
Forget what you thought you had

It's all a dream
Washing over you
Nothing is clear
What you have now
Is only fear
And there is nothing you can do

Doom is coming ever closer
Darkness feels the skies
No sound but the wind's cries
No life here it seems
No songs written now
There is no composer

No words to be sang
No tune to hum
Quiet now feels the air
As lost in the night you stare

Blackness grows darker still
Nothing can help you now
You are lost never to be found 
Fall, fall, fall
Deeper into the ground

Good bye world 
I once knew
Goodbye dreams
My light is gone


Have you embraced Goth, Carol?


I think you mean Emo Beth


Well, I watch too much South Park, and the Goth kids would LOVE your poem! :-)

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