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(An Homage To) Gay Love on Top.mov - Gay Guys! <3

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I believe this is p-g rated just guys in love kissing but no sexual content. It is a Youtube feel good about guys loving each other, so let me know 'cause I don't want to break any rules, at the same time, I think it is important to celebrate who we are and what makes us crazy about men. I hope you like/enjoy http://youtu.be/Librb6i7mGE Uploaded by SuperJuanky79 on Nov 8, 2011 My little homage to the oh-so-elusive thing called love. But just because i haven't found it, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Let this video project of mine and the couples in it (some of them personal friends and acquaintances of mine) be a testament to love. Let them inspire us in our search for or at the very least to believe in true love. Let love and the good vibes roll. Disclaimer: I created this video myself but i do not own the song and the photos. They were all acquired from a public domain. This video was created without malice or ill will. This video is about love and this is all what it hopes to inspire. Thanks to fuckyeahgaycouples blog spot for most of the pictures in this video. :-D


Yes,Vary,vary,Good. lol xxxxxx


It made me cry cos it reminded me of what I have just lost


I am sorry for your lost. It is always sad when it happens. and brace yourself it may happen a lot. but be assured that the pain you feel, tells you what you fleet for him was/is real. For me to get over someone takes anywhere from two years to a life time. One thing to consider, or remember and be thankful for the love and good times you both had. When I look at it that way, it makes very grateful that the time we spent together is a treasure of the heart, that makes it all worth while.

Here is a gay folk artist that you might like, I hope.

Jay Brannan - Rob Me Blind [Official Music Video]


and you can explore his other songs there.

Dean you are in pain because you have a heart, you cry because you have a loving soul.

I wish you only good things and love.


It won't happen again cos I don't intend to ever get close to anybody again. Keep everybody at a distance and just observe life and you wont get hurt again


that was a super video it seems so beautiful to see men togeather in love. dean don,t be so hard on yourself ,your to good looking