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Is it worth ruining what we've got to give this a go with the slight chance that - Gay Guys! <3

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Me and this guy have lots and lots of history, more casual drunken history but some really deep stuff aswell in the past. We are like a couple when were together but always seem to have a disagreement. He has just came back into my life after a year and wants to give things a shot but I'm not sure I can give him everything he needs with me being at work and horses all the time and have tried to explain how hard it will be for us but he still wants to give it a go. Is it worth ruining what we've got to give this a go with the slight chance that it will work? X x


Hi Jordan, Would love to be able to say 'give it one more go', but from experience I do not think that it will work.......................shame though


well if you really feel like there might be something there...then i say go for it...cuz i've been in the situation...tho mine's a little different...we were in a "pretend" relationship...tho our feelings started to become real...but we never really acted out...or went out...and well then when we started clubbing and drinking...all of a sudden we're making out...the only thing wrong with that picture is that...1. he has a bf...and 2. we were drunk...so even if i really wanted to i can't get that chance anymore...i decided not to make a move or anything in our "pretend" relationship because i was afraid of taking the risk that it might not work out and ruining our friendship...but well now i realize that if we had gone out...we could've surpassed it...cuz our friendship is really strong...so if both your feelings are strong enough for each other...and you think your friendship can withstand the outcome...i say go for it...


trust your gut instincts jordan....if you feel.. that it's "worth it".... then... its all "worth fighting for".....