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You say what you want through others
always hiding behind a mask
you say you dont know
but i think you do.

Trying to be a mystery
but you fail.
those things that they know
only you and i know.

So when you say i dont know
who it is
i dont believe you,
how could you not.

Its a curse
a curse you know so well
because that mystery
is one you set in place.

But all mysteries come to an end
so when this ones all done
Mysterious you will be
you without me.

Because some mysterious
can lead to the worst things.

So Goodbye mysterious you.


Beautiful !

I think I like that: "Mysterious you will be/you without me" part the best.

How artfully you do tell someone playing mind games to take a hike; these games are only an attempt to control......


Yes, they really are and thats whats happening to me now.
Thanks thats my favorite part as well, its makes me feel really free to finally say it.

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