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I just thought I'd show you a link where you can see what is going on where I live.
I thought you'd like to watch news from melbourne.

I'd love you to share links that show me what's going on where you are.


Oh wow, that's incredible. Please give everyone my message of hope for all those involved!


Wow! It's scarey. The fire in Colorado may burn down my one cousins home. Sad!


Oh news in my area...too small to have a link but last year on the L.A. news we were the marajuana capitol of the USA! WhhoooHoooo. Yep you can get a buzz just grocery shopping! Meth addict overdoses and is found apprx.48 hours after his death in the passenger seat of his car. And OMGosh, our gas is hovering just over $5.00 a gallon. That's todays headlines from Hayfork!