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My Time to Love - Poetry Group

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I’ve been drifting along through life’s avenues
stormy waters and cloudy skies obscuring my vision
I was hoping to find direction, a light, something new
I was just about to throw in anchor, accept solitude’s intention

That’s when I saw your light creeping through the clouds
I felt the warmth of your spirit shining down on me
All this time I’ve been falling around looking for a reason to live
Never knew until now you’ve been here all along

I’ve wasted enough time baby, and now…

It’s my time to love, my time to live
I’ve been kept away for too long, but now it’s my time
I love you, no one else can keep me from saying
I love you, each day from here on out is for you
Baby, this is our time to love


Yes Ashley,
Vary good. I can see ..............

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