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The Solemn Marionette - Poetry Group

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Every other woman, nothing but marionettes
their strings are tangled
and mangled by their “owners”
they cannot disobey
they cannot find control
they cannot brave the system
every other woman, her head hung low in obedience
silent teardrops rush down her cheeks
for when her strings were released from her back
terribly alone she felt
see... this woman wasn't like the rest
This woman wanted more than the mediocre
She wanted an authentic life
She longed for something true
Her strings dangled helplessly from her back
They tugged and were caught on jagged rocks
along her journey.
The voices that echoed in her ears
tore harder upon her strings
with each step she took, the more and more pain she felt
but she knew she had to keep walking
once she met a great cliffs edge,
into the dark water below she dove
once into the water, the waves ripped free
the loose strings that remained
with all her loose ends torn free,
she felt empowered
She felt for once that she was beautiful as she was,
different from the majority
and even though she was terrified, she felt calm.
The shore was bright and full of sunlight
she sat upon a smooth rock and pondered
her days to come
while still she lay, she heard a rumble in the distance
when turned her head, she was surprised to find
all the other women had their marionette strings intertwined.
They scrambled and ran a short distance, only to make their knots more taut.
The lonely and now free woman cried at their struggles.
For she once had felt their pain.
They were just dolls for another
they were simply pretty porcelain dolls for another persons amusement
They were bound by their strings
and society's meaning for life
They were forced by the cruel hands of their “supporters.”
They knew not how to break free
The little woman cried until her eyes cried blood.
Suddenly she had had enough
Next to her appeared in her sight, a rock that was sharp
as the moon is bright
she ran with an agile speed
the blade whet and quick in her hand
soon down went the strings
the knot now a straight end
The marionettes lay still and confused
They waited, anxiously, for someone to command them to move
Their faces became long as they realized they were free.
They knew that they had to learn what it meant to walk without
their distractions and orders
soon, one by one, they stood and walked in a circle
Confused as they were, they stopped short of 7 feet.
The little woman watched close by.
She wondered when they'd make their move..
she wondered when they'd run as she had
most importantly, she wondered if they even knew how...


Silent teardrops run down my cheeks.
I long for something true but ................
I know I have to keep on walking too...

Thanks Brittny - Nice work ..

Ella xx


aw thanks I'm really glad you enjoy it. I love to write. It comes to me and I have to get it out haha Otherwise it'll be lost in my thoughts lol xox


O.O no words to descride how impressed i am

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