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Homosexuality as a sin..? - The Gay Christian Network

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"Homosexuality is a sin, and we will burn in hell for eternity" That is the answer my girlfriend gave me when I asked her if she agreed with her family that homosexuality is a sin.

She comes from a very traditional family.. Church of Christ.
Before we met she had not dated a female, she always seems so sure about us though and doesn't tried to hide that we are together. In fact, she has told her family, except parents.

I love her.. and I believe she loves me. But how do I deal with this? She truly believes this to be the Truth. It hurts me to think the person I love believes this way, but is that reason enough to end this? And if not, should i ignore her belief and not bring it up?


I don't agree with your girlfriend's take on the subject as I know personally for myself that GOD IN CHRIST DOES NOT JUDGE OR CONDEM ME as a GAY CHRISTIAN & I know without a shadow of a doubt that I'm in CHRIST & he resides in me.Also I know without a shadow of a doubt that I'll be going to heaven when I die & I'll be there to see the GLORY OF GOD shine as bright as the noon-day sun.


homosexuality is not a sin,


What is SIN ?????,

One thing for shure
is not one of them !!!!!!!!!!!.


The way that I have chosen to look at it and have tried to explain it to my mum who thinks the same about homosexuality. Is that, things that go on in your life are between you and God. He is the only one that will judge at the end of the day....And even though family are there to advise you oh certain situations there is so much they cave a say before its down to the person to do what they think is right in the eyes of God.

I think God is a loving God that he wouldn't want his children "burning in hell" because of there sexuality.

Have a look round this web site I found this very helpful http://www.gaychristian.net/


i think its a sin but no sin is greater than another


Homosexuality is seen as a sin the very few times it is mentioned in the Bible. Yet, everyone lives in sin continuously because that's what we do.

If we want to clear our sins, we have to ask God's forgiveness and truly believe it with our heart. Cathlyn is right that no sin is greater than another. But the only unforgivable sin is blasphemy: saying that Jesus Christ really isn't who he is and denying the Holy Spirit.

Like someone above me said, what you do and how you do is between you and God. It's not between you and anybody else because He is the one who has the final judgement and say.

Maybe you shouldn't break up with her over her belief, but you might wanna talk to her about it.