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The nine muses sing 'round the fall faerie ring
While we dance in a circle of stone
And the embers glow red as we dance with the dead
Where the sidthes from the barrows now moan

Our arms slowly raise to the goddess we praise
While the passions we share rise anew
And my lover is filled with the nectar I spilled
Pon her lips as she kissed at my dew

The smoke from the fire where we dance our desire
ascends to occult the new moon
And the skies slowly darken while goddesses hearken
The verse that accompanies our tune

I sing for her now as a furrow you plough
With your tongue buried deep in my folds
And the river I spring from the passion you bring
Will sing of the love my heart holds

For Melissa most fair in whose beautiful lair
I have stepped as a maiden entranced
As we love through the night and our spirits take flight
On a journey I'd never have chanced

To the coast Calabri o'er Tyrrhenian sea
To the mystical violet shore
Did the goddess of love through the heavens above
sail our souls to Pizzo once more

(c) 2008 Bethany Ariel Frasier

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