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Autumn Tryst - Poetry Group

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Encircled by the standing stones
We dance around the fyre of bones
While over head the womb of night
Consumes both smoke and fyrelight
The goddess fills our hearts with love
Her panoply of stars above
Her earthly arms below our feet
Embrace her daughters as we meet
To consecrate the summer's end
Where boundaries begin to blend
Immortal souls in death and life
Will meet in peace and not in strife
And join us as our holy union
Symbolizes their communion
While we join the dance of death
With fevered brow and labored breath
And in our trance we twirl and sway
With quiet voices do we pray
To Gaia, Mother goddess good
Who brought us to this northern wood
Upon this eve of winter's morn
To greet again the year reborn
We dance this night our Samhain tryst
At summer's end in autumn mist.

(c) 2009 Bethany Ariel Frasier

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