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My family has always told me I was beautiful
But I always looked at them like they was some kind of stupid
Beautiful Who Me?
You must be out yo mind,
I’d think as I said “ We can agree to disagree on that”
I couldn’t see what they saw,
when I looked in the mirror.
Only seeing the stereotypical lies
taunting smiles from celebs
knowing they are beautiful.
But I was told two things that helped change my mind forever on the topic of beauty.
Beauty is from your spiritual essence
not the shell in which it resides in
Second from a wise teacher
Leaders don’t make excuses they make improvements.
I know he wasn’t talking about beauty at the time but it stuck with me.
Even so with that in mind
I vowed to change
to improve what I blamed on excuses
to make myself feel wanted.
Beauty isn’t what I wanted,
But my spirit shouted ‘Beauty’


Well said wow beautiful.


Yes,yes,it is vary nice .............

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