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Happily Ever After lies - Poetry Group

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I’m sitting at my computer staring at the monitor,
where not a message is to be found.
Not a message on my phone, As
My life passes by with me alone.
My empty chest hurts when all I need is someone to confide in,
other than this blog, nobody reads.
Wish things could be different,
with those cherished who said they’d be here for life.
But at the fist sign of change they up and left.
My motto ripped me apart,
staring in the trash saying,
All’s fair in love and War.
It’s a damn shame I couldn’t move on.
When my tears will burst any second and its too hard to fight.
As I put up an act around everyone
so when I’m in my room I cry all night,
I once refused to give in and break.
Even while I live a life so ridiculously fake.
I miss those days of joyful laughter.
Now I wonder what happen to the princess living Happily Ever After?
Would someone tell me where mine went?

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