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A Tap to Remember - Poetry Group

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Tap Tap
That’s what I hear as I dance across the floor.
My slippers are as soft as silk, but
I feel as if they are as hard as toe shoes.
Even so, I feel freer than a bird, as
I soar through the room,
where not even the sky can limit me.
The sound of laughter and clapping brings me back to earth,
if only for now.
As I walk to my mother I am engulfed in her arms,
a sweet hug as Happy Birthday is yelled.
I turn only to be picked up and thrown,
high into the sky I go again.
Only this time not by my will alone,
It is my uncle Marc who swings me,
knowing of my wish to fly.
Scents of pepperoni and cheese pizza fill my senses.
Taste like an explosion of fireworks.
I hear the lulling sound of my grandmother say
I walk over and give her a hug,
as thanks for such a wonderful party.
I feel like sleeping just from the sweet but
faint aroma of vanilla and peaches.
I am ready to open the shiny wrapping paper
that decorates the gifts at my feet.
While the camera goes off
I feel so many eyes glittering with excitement.
Each time I see my gift I feel my breath hitch
and soon I am overwhelmed with tears.
All at once I feel both loved,
and the caress of so many arms,
going around me!
Tap Tap is all I need to hear
to be back at my dance studio

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