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The beat of your heart has a darkened tune...
As silence becomes your worst enemy.
Your thoughts take over, as does the agony.
The colors around you slowly fade to grey.
Everyting slowly fades to grey..
Eyes are the window to the soul.
What can we see if your window is closed?
Push away your fears, open your window and shout if you have to!
Just let it all out..
You are not alone.
Time will teach you to let go of the pain, of the regrets...
To embrace the silence and to listen for your heart's color filled beats.
With that different melody around you, you will realize that at that moment,
You are free.

-Kayla L.


thats very nice u knw....


Thankyouu very much..


That poem is very true. I think that everyone has ghosts and demons to overcome and can only do that when they face them. It took me many years to finally come to the understanding and know my sexuality. From that knowledge came so much more. I am stronger, more confident and know myself better now that I am true to myself. It takes a lot but the truth always reveals itself in due time


Kayla, loved the darkness pushing thru to the promise of light. I hate commenting on other people's poetry because it's so intimate to them. But it was lovely. Thanks for sharing.


Brittny, Agreed... Its not easy to face your own hell, everyone has their own.. But once you do face it. Things will get better, you will grow stronger!

Samantha, this is the poem I had written for my friend that's in a dark place right now, si wanted to show her not to give up, that she'll find her light.

& thankyou ladies for taking the time to read...


Kayla, anytime. I enjoy reading and writing poetry. I love it when websites give an opportunity for people to express themselves through writing. It really is a beautiful form of self-expression and a great release. With me, the words just come to me. I normally can't just sit and write a poem. I mean, I could but it wouldn't feel right. For me, I normally wait until it comes to me. The only thing is it normally comes at really random times like when I am in class or working on a project , reading or on the city bus. The best time it happens- and this is dripping with sarcasm, is when I don't have a pen, paper or my cell phone haha. Your was really well written and insightful though. I love when poetry has a message to be learned. It's great. Most of my poetry has some message to be learned as well.

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