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Can someone help with the confusion ? - The Rainbow Lounge

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Ok so when I came out I started off as bisexual. I'm veeerry attracted to women. So for the past 2 years my label has been Lesbian. I have a girl friend and I AM MADLY IN LOVE WITH HER. So i know i like women and i have no thoughts of leaving her. I just want to know what is going on in my head. For some time I questioned if i wanted to be trans( FTM) but i felt like I'm happy as a girl. Though some how i know if i were a guy I'd like guys. Or at least would be attracted to men. I get turned on by lesbo,gay, and straight sex but i can't see my self having sex with a guy a girl ...if that makes sense ...sooo as you can see im very mixed whats going on in my head. HELP EXPLAIN MY MADNESS?


Sounds like to me and this is just my opinion on it that well you are a lesbian and no matter which way god made you weather it be male or female you would be gay, on the other note being attracted to the opisite sex doesn't mean your into them it just means you know they have attrctive qualities....if you can never see yourself having sex with a man then don't worry your not bi your still a lesbian, it just means you vaule beauty in all things.... but thats just my opinion... on the trans part we all have a side to us that likes to be something different then we are it's normal and nothig wrong with it


I agree with Billie on this one...I myself have wondered the same thing on occasion because I see a good-looking man and can appreciate his looks/style, but then the thought of having sex with men weirds me out completely :P

My basic theory is that those of us who are homosexual would be so no matter what body we possess...it's not about liking women or men as much as being attracted to the same sex.

As for the trans part...only you can answer that question. If you feel in the deepest part of your heart that you are happy being female, then you are female...on the reverse if you feel/know that you were born into the wrong body, then I'd suggest talking to someone who has gone through a gender reassignment to suggest next steps.

Hope this helps


You should be who you want to be, the onky way to be happy in this world.


Orientation has nothing to do with what you fantasize about. It has to do with what gender you want to actually have sex with (simply put). If you like being a woman not and dont think you FtM, then maybe your just content with yourself? Some things to think about anyways.

I am a lesbian and I get turned on my hetero sex. I just wont have sex with a man! I tend to vomit (sorry guys). I love to have relationships with women period.

My other idea is can you just accept yourself unconditionally without answering all those questions? I always have personal questions and sometimes it is good to let go and rest my mind. Sometimes answers will come when your not thinking about the questions.....I am happy for you and your sweetie! What a blessing to have a wonderful person in your life!