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I know I am but I am scared - The Rainbow Lounge

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Just wondering if anyone has ever been down thi road and could give me some advice....To start off with I have been with the same guy for almost 5 years now and we have had our major ups and downs....there was a point he thought he was gay and to be honest deep inside i think he is but after a paticular incident he refuses to akknoledge it but anyway....I know I am a lesbian, and I think the whole reason we connected was because we are both in fact gay, when we were down in arkansas we went to a gay bar and had a balst and we both said how comfortable we was there now that we are back in oklahoma near family it has suddenly went back to the norm of being together....I want to be honest and just say I am gay 100% and I know that with all my heart but ever sense he has gone on this trip of changing religions and finding a new him he claims it is all a choice and I can choose to be straight because he claims that is exactly what he did...But i know it is not a choice or I wouldn't struggle with it so bad...I know i love and care for him and would always want him to be apart of my life but the attraction isn't there and I am only attracted to women.....what do I do how do I go about bringing this up please can someone help me thank you


Just be honest with him tell him that u r sure that u want women andnot men and u feel the best thing would be if u went ur own seperate way. Just my thoughts on the way I wou


well he made the choice to deny and to try to suppress those feelings...but there's no denying who you are really...sooner or later the truth comes out...and i think it's best if your honest with him...hey may want to go back fully into the closet...but that doesn't mean you have to...i understand your desire to have a person in your life...but sadly sometimes that choice isn't up to us...it's up to them...and if you choose to go ahead and be honest and he doesn't wanna be a part of it...well that's the end of the road...and realize that he wasn't much of a friend...i of course speak from experience...i had a close friend...and it seems that my surprise was that she didn't wanna be friends with me anymore...i felt that we were gonna be bestest friends for life...sadly she made the decision to end that dream for me...and as much as i'd like her to take it back...i can't...and i now have to deal with that...you gotta just roll with the punches...some will hurt a lot...but well everything and everyone moves in one direction...and that's forward...so if they can do it...so can you...i wish you the best of luck...