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Hamlet my eyes,
Are closed buds with hidden tears,
For fears, ‘tis not my gain to afflict,
My name, ever again on you.

It is true, the gurgles in the water,
Disguise my filling throat, as I weep
And hug mercy with my sallow arms,
In the palms of death, I find myself lost
Beneath the water of my impending,
Life without you.

For ‘tis true, a life so bleak,
Nay, my feet cannot walk without you.
I cried through bitter nights,
Waited with baited breath,
Not for you to bring me my death.

Oh no love I never, through all of hell,
Could ever endeavour,
A hopeless life without you.

Delved into madness, sanity left astray,
A broken heart is all that remains,
From your violent words on that fateful day,
Nay, Hamlet, I could never truly blame you,
But what is left if I were to stay?


What you've beautifully written has made my mind stop functioning for a while...for what I can say is pain always is cruelly beautiful yet hard to endure..no words from my mind I can offer you, as it's so ever truth in between your lines..
catchy title you have there.. ^^


I love it Charlotte, I absolutely love it

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