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While I'm telling you to take a sacred dagger,
plunge it deep into my chest,
cave out the hole for where
my heart should be!
It only takes seconds to realize I'm too broken to be fixed.
Because theres no faith in me from the lack of your love,
I have no Air to breath into this lifeless body.
I have no name for you to be able to call me by.
No sight to allow me to feel the power you, you chained to me.
I feel so much fear, that I'm feeling restless without you.
Damn the pain your causing me to endure,
every simgle time that hole in my chest grows larger,
and my helpless heart takes that final plunge, from shame.
Now the dreams where blood runs from these blue blue viens you opened.
I fear the blood curdling scream that will pore from the lips I love.
As you see at last my eyes are focused on you...

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