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I know this is what you do
so I try to understand
when the cruel you is too cutting
and your expression turns so bland.

Your messages become callous,
your judgement is clouded by doubt,
and any attempts to reach you
are brutally frozen out.

There's no visible rhyme nor reason
for you to act in this cold way.
You leave no room for rapport
when your dark side clears its way.

But at least know that I recognise,
that this is what you do.
I remember your alter ego
and I save a soft spot for you.


Very nice! I could apply this to a lot of people in my world.


Yes,Ola, Vary Good .........




This poem is especially beautiful-- touched me deeply-- I know the kind of thing you're talking about; I've kept a torch burning for a long time. I'm at the point at which I am ready to see if someone else is worth the while of me lighting another torch.......... : ) You never get waiting time back, and I've waited long already. VERY fine poem, Ola! David


ty David its always worth looking as the love u eventually find is worth the hurt u may suffer xxx good luck and have fun in the search lol

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