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Addressing Suicide and Gay People - Looking for LOVE!!!

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This is more for teenagers, so listen up if you're a gay teen out there, but it can also go for anyone else. I saw where there has been an alarming rate of suicides amongst gay teenagers, because of bullying. This is wrong, people. Don't let these homophobic jackoffs put you down because of who your are. That's just bullshit, and no one, young or old, should have to put up with it.


I dont beleive that some teenagers gays commit suicide?for bulling only?No,I knew,mostly of a gays . have a strong feeliing and also a fighters in every things.
I think they commit suicide because they are not accept their own family or parents.


i have hear those things also mark but they were happening when i was a teen the press just didn't come right out and say about it i posted on facebook about teens who have committed suicide bit i am also trying to find info about how many gay people have been killed by those bullies who went to far and killed other people and not just for being gay but for any intolerance that?s out there i am not just trying to find incidents i am trying to find number if you can help please do its time we as a nation stand up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH


Regardless if you're a teen or an adult, coming out can be a good experience or a mind blowing one. Everyone needs to have a good support net, for just flinging open the closet door and announcing to everyone that your gay. Everyone was taught differently about homosexuality, so it's up to each and everyone to decide when it's the right time to blow those hinges off their own closet doors. Some teens are simply trapped and have no one to turn nor talk too. They feel isolated, alienated and/or lost. I started to come to terms with my homosexuality at the age of 14 and I'm from a Salvation Army family. I had to keep my inner feelings bottled up and do my best, not to let my gay tendencies show. It was a constant inner battle. Suicide was the last thing on my mind for I wanted to leave home (I did at age 17) and just explore who I was. As for the bullying, that will always happen. It is the parents of those kids, to whom need to be held accountable for their own kids actions. If you're going to punish the bully, then the parent or parents, need to be reckoned with too. What's good for the goose, must be good for the gander.


You're absolutely right, Krystoffer, whe you say if you're going to punish the bully, the parents of the bully should be punished as well. It's their damn fault the bratty kid is the way he or she is.