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a parents love (this is so sad) - The Gay Christian Network

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Some of my greatest joys was taken care of people who could not do it themselves.
Recently I was discriminated by a dentist, because I have AIDS. My sister in VA was waiting to hear what happened to me at the dentist office, and I told her I was depressed. She was confused and asked, how on earth can you get depressed going to a dentist office, and I explained it to her, and she still didn't understand, and was confused again when I said it broke my heart. She asked me, how can a dentist brake your heart? I told her, everything I do alone and with others is always been with my heart, I know of no other way of living, because without it, people just exist.

RyanDan - Like The Sun


Yes,........... they are twin Brothers


I get you, I get doctors treating me like I'm a freak and for that reason I haven't seen much doctors for months. Even when I was at the hospital they treat you like shit. I know where your coming from, even though I have my own illness's I get you.

I tried explaining to my father about being sick and he kept blaming my use of steroids that made me sick or said why did I change, this is what made you sick. He said it didn't come from my Genes where did you get it from?

I get where your coming from and I feel your pain, I do and I know saying sorry for your sister not understanding it will make you feel better. But you got me that will and I will always listen.

This is for you Andre



Andre my father knows these boys singing, he used to work for their father. Their Jewish and used to be in a band b4-4.


Yes I know, but I didn't know their faith. Which to me makes no difference.
I hope you find peace and joy in the following:

Libera - You were there (Full Video)


Lullabye from the movie Twilight



Holy nut cracker, those kids can sing. It's absolutely amazing. Just brings warm thoughts when I pass I hope it will be that peaceful. Speaking with you lightens my day and makes the thought of passing on not a scary thought.

Can I ask did you ever think people like me will get in to heaven? You think god accepts that I had changed my body, from his original creation?



the Angels are genderless, as God may be. I am sure the human heart knows no gender nor does the soul.

trust God in All things.

One Bread One Body - with lyrics.wmv

I Believe in You - Il Divo and Celine Dion

Celtic Woman - Someday


ENIGMA | MMX The Social Song ( Official )

Good night sweet dreams


the enigma song is hypnotizing. Andre your taste in music is similar to mine.


Andre if it's not to personal, may I ask do you want help with any mood, skin, other health problems? I take lots of natural supplements and I know a lot about what helps so if you want I can help if your interested.


I am glad you liked it!


I am not being mean, just cliche~ ""I'm really more the suffer in silence kind of person" Twilight Movie: Bella Swan. Thank you for offering, that was sweet.

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