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Expensive Jewellery - JUST FOR FUN

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A lady enters a high-class jewellery store. She looks around a bit and spies a beautiful diamond encrusted bracelet. At the same moment that she bends over to take a better look, surprisingly, she passes a gas (lets a fart). Extremely ashamed, she anxiously looks around to see if anyone has noticed that she farted, and prays that none of the sales personnel were close by.
On turning around, her worse nightmare was realized because a salesman was standing just behind her; not just any salesman mind you, but an extremely good-looking one. Calm and refined, he showed all the qualities that one expects from a professional in a store such as this one.
He greeted the woman politely, saying, "Good day, madam. How may we help you today?"
Blushing, and very uncomfortable, but still hoping that the salesman had not noticed one way or another her little 'incident', she asked "Sir, what is the price of that beautiful bracelet?"
He replied,

"Madam, if you farted just by looking at it, you will surely shit your panties when I tell you the price."


ROLMAO.....Now thats a good one....


Ha,ha,ha, I LMSO, LOL xxxx