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Needful Things - JUST FOR FUN

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Three students were being questioned by their teacher. He asked them to each create a sentence using the word NEED.
The first student wrote, 'My father bought a car but it NEEDS air conditioning.' The teacher said that was very good.
The second student wrote, 'My father bought a house but it NEEDS a swimming pool." The teacher found that was an excellent example.
The third student wrote My family doesn't NEED anything.
The teacher was astonished! "It is a perfectly good sentence using the word NEED, but you must need SOMETHING at home. Think about it a while."
The student continually replies we don't need anything at home, so, finally, the teacher asks him why he thinks that he doesn't need anything.
The student says, "I can assure you that we don't need anything at home, because the other day we were all sitting around at home when my teenage sister arrived with the news that she was pregnant and my father said
"That's the last thing we needed."


Vary clever,Jim, lol xxx