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Hot Lover / Cold Lover - JUST FOR FUN

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A long-time married couple go to see their family doctor (apparently, this was before our time) for their annual check-up. The doctor calls the husband in to be examined first. Everything turns out OK, so the doctor asks the husband if he has any questions,
"As a matter of fact, yes" says the man. "Whenever I have sex the first time with my wife, I am hot and sweating, but the second time, I'm cold and sometimes shivering."
"Hmmm." says the doctor, "I've never seen symptoms like that before. Give me a little time and I will check out the medical library. In the meantime, please ask your wife to come into my office, and you can wait outside."
The wife comes in, and the doctor examines her as well, and finds her to be of excellent health. As she was about to leave, the doctor stopped her and said, "I was speaking to your husband just before you came in, and he said they when he has sex with you the first time, he is very hot, but the second time he is very cold. Do you know what could be the cause of that?"
"It is very simple" countered the wife.
When we have sex the first time, it is the middle of June, and the second time is at the end of December."


Now thats a good one....LOL


Ha,ha,ha,Vary good,Jim, lol xxxxx