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Swansea Pride 2012 - Gay Guys! <3

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Well the road to Swansea Pride 2012 is now on (Swansea, Wales, UK. NOT England )
It all kicks off on June 30th when Swansea Pride 2012 starts it'll be the 4th Swansea Pride ever and I have gone to everyone since it started up back in 2009 :P
I'm really excited for it!
Now, I highly doubt that there are people from Wales here, but if there so are any of you going to Swansea Pride 2012?
Have you checked out your Pride dates where you are? When and Where are your dates?


I'm not from Wales (i am english) but I may be going if I can persuade my friend to go along...


Oh cool.
The weather over here has been pretty shitty this week, so I'm hoping it will not do a repeat of last year and have really damp conditions :/

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