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New York Lover - JUST FOR FUN

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A guy was sitting at the bar of a N.Y. hotel, when he spots a beautiful woman enter, arm in arm with the ugliest man he had ever seen. He asked the barman if he knew the woman, and was surprised to learn that she was a prostitute.
All evening he couldn't take his eyes off her, and asked himself what he could offer such a beauty.
The next evening, he returned and found her alone at the bar. He screwed up enough courage to speak to her, and asked if indeed she was a prostitute. "Of course, big guy. What can I do for you?" she asked.
"Well, I don't know. How much do you charge?"
"$500.00 for a hand job" she replied.
"What? $500.00 for a hand job? That's crazy!"
"Do you see that Ferrari parked at the front door?"
The guy looks, and indeed, there is a brand new Ferrari parked there.
"I paid for that Ferrari in cash, JUST with the money I made doing hand jobs, and believe me, it is worth it."
He decides to take her up on it, and experiences the most extraordinary sexual encounter he has ever had.
The next night, he waits impatiently at the bar and when he sees her enter, he jumps to her side, exclaiming, "Last night was incredible!"
"Of course it was incredible, just imagine what I can do with my lips"
He asks, "And that costs how much?"
"$1,000.00? That's impossible!"
"Do you see that building on the other side of the street?"
He sees a 12 story building where she is pointing.
"I paid for that building IN CASH, just with the money I made doing deep throat, and believe me, it is worth it."
Based on the previous night's experience, he decides to give it a try.
They leave together, and once again, he is not disappointed. It was ecstasy. He almost fainted with the pleasure.
The next night he could hardly stand still, he was so impatient to see her.
"I'm hooked! You are the best! Tell me, how much would it cost me to make love with your pussy?"
She takes him by the hand and leads him outside on the sidewalk to show him the bottom of the boulevard, where he sees Manhattan.
"You see that island?"
"No. Stop your fooling. You can't possibly be telling me that ........"
She nods her head.
"Oh, yes, my stud; if I had a pussy, Manhattan would be mine."


LMAO&gt&gt&gt&gtLMAO&gt&gt&gt&gtOMG....I didn't see that coming....So funny...

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