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Little... Freaked out... - Gay Guys! <3

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Right guys, before I met my current boyfriend, let's say back in... June 2011, I met someone called Alex, I liked him and he liked me, however at that time, nothing came of it as at the time I couldn't tie myself down to anyone, due to having a really difficult break up.
Few later we decided to meet up as mates, however, that didn't work and one thing led to another and we ended up having sex... It was a one off, we were going to start a relationship but we argued over something and stopped speaking, we currently speak after making up, however I've found out something very disturbing that has made me physically SICK! My flesh crawled when I found out something about him.
Alex, the boy I had sex with is my cousin...
I've had sex with my cousin, I feel so sick, my cousin! How the hell could this happen?
My head is spinning, all that's going through my mind is 'I had sex with my cousin, a relative, a family member!'
How didn't I know this sooner.
BUT that is not all, by hell no, HE KNEW!!!! But he didn't tell me, he said 'If you knew then I know we wouldn't of had anything happen, having sex with your cousin isn't against the law so I didn't see anything wrong with it, and I wouldn't of changed what happened between us anyway!'
I seriously could kill him, I'm really angry at him for not telling me and just taking advantage of me like that!
Angry and sick, a lethal mix!


So what's the problem, i just don't understand what your problem is. I know of twin brothers who live together and have an ongoing relationship. Hey, if it works, it works.


Thats not so bad, at least your not straight, making half brother, 2nd cousin babys, I wish I had a hot gay cousin, we could be best friends


lol ok calm down rich hehehe

i know the concept of cousins together is i mind fuck to alot of people, but look closely at society

everyone has had some one there related to, euro's think its hot, indians and asians well not being trying to be rude but they all look like family, arabs dont have a choice its either ur sister or the goat, united kingdoms do it and deni it
and americans well go to ioah

and there u have it the hole world are fucking there cousins
its happened and u cant change it
first time for everything
"fucking ur cousin" crossed off the bucket list


This might not make you happy, but I learned about gay sex from my cousin around 16. It might not sound right, but it happened. I tried to have sex with other cousins. They told and I got labeled queer early in my teen years. It isn't good or bad it just is.


You shouldn't worry about it. The whole taboo about sex between relatives has to do with the chances of children that might result having serious birth defects.
I don't think either you, nor your cousin, got pregnant.


An interesting topic around a family dinner!


I think Richard's feelings should be taken into consideration here first and foremost, no matter how other's view the scenario. It's painfully clear that this goes against his notion of right versus wrong. These feelings should be respected on the one hand, and nurtured on the other...because there is confusion and pain lurking. Let's face it folks: it's not every day you discover you've had an intimate encounter with a cousin. How would you feel about it? Even if you're able to fluff it off, not everyone can. Enter Richard.

To you Richard, I would say that your feelings are validated and worthy of understanding. It's very clear you were beyond surprised; the shock value is indicative of some trauma as well. That's the downside to this sordid affair, pun not intended. The upswing is this: you're not to blame! Fault lies squarely with your cousin. If he has no character and/or shame, you'll have to let him live with himself and his way of thinking. Personally, I would be more concerned about your feelings at this time. Step back from this a bit. Give your emotions space to breathe, from A to Z. Feel angry; confused; disbelief. You're entitled. Wanna wretch? Do this as well. Stay away from your cousin until you feel some measure of clarity in your thinking--having him around now is probably not in his, or your, best interest. Once you've emotional state has returned to some state of 'normal', you can then focus on what steps you need to take thereafter. Does cousin rate a stern admonishing? Do you let him know you're finished as relatives in the congenial sense? Only you can decide this. I would ask that you forgive his huge lapse in judgement first and foremost...for by doing so you grant yourself forgiveness for what you perceive as your personal shame. Ultimately, move on from this knowing you really are without fault...that it could have happened to any one of us. Deep inside, I think you worry about human shame as others might cause you to feel. Drop that in the trash, sweetheart. Don't give others power to make you feel poorly about anything you've done in life. You're above that; life will continue; and you will heal sooner rather than later.

I wish you the absolute best.


Hey Chud I can guess how you feel but rather reply like private?? Please don't stress and make yourself ill again.


@Richard what AJ says makes more sense to me than my flippant response. Take care of yourself if you can.


Richard....get over it....ur not going to get pregnant.....i had sex with my 1st cousin when i was 16....her 13..... obviously, u never knew he was ur cousin.....so what..is this someone u think u could marry....and if so, ya i can see ur predicament wwith family and all...if not, and u have fun and great sex with him...then go for it!


I've just realised that I have two members of my family who are cousins (m + f) who got married and have 3 grown children. There were just no problems and they're all doing fine and so are the grandchildren.. Richard, I still don't see your perceived problem. It is even less of a problem for a gay man. If the feelings are there, go for it.


People obviously have not read the post properly!
It was a one off LAST YEAR.
I CURRENTLY HAVE A BOYFRIEND! The feelings for my cousin are not there, I love my boyfriend and would never cheat on him, my cousin is in the past as far as I'm concerned.
So let's clear this up
K? Thanks!


Well, let me clarify, in case you think I'm one of those who misread it.
I certainly wasn't saying you should go get back with your cousin.
I was just suggesting you don't have a pertinent reason to feel grossed out about it.
I would imagine it was a lot of fun when it happened, and that is what you should hold on to, not the fact that you "did" your cousin.

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