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Needing a bf! - Gay Guys! <3

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hey im just soo bored of being single and really need a bf :'( no one over 30 please!!! and i cant stress that enough!


i wish you luck in finding some one Mathew. lol xxxxx


I'd like a new bf too...no one over 65! haha Living in coastal Southern California where everyone is beautiful doesn't make it easy!


Matthew....u r 17.....u should not be anxious at this age....ur hormones r stilll giving u problems....give it some time....are you "out"....if so, put urself out there...be flirtatious
with guys that turn u on...do not be afraid of rejection...it builds character. also, do not
be so closed minded about the age thing... there are a lot of older me out there with
just as attractive a frame as u.....and really liking young guys....so keep that option open son....what i would tell my own son....son.....


Thanks for the comments, and i am flirtatious, very flirtatious it doesnt work, no one seems interested at all and i dont like guys over 30 to a certain extent, just wouldnt turn me on :/ but i get wat ure saying, i also dont date guys about 2 years younger than me dont like to be the older one again to a certain extent lol but thanks for the comments


i already told you wat i thought lol