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Life is quiet and still
My hearts beats but not like before
I'm missing you
You know everyday I love you more

When I am with you
My heart races
I dream of far off distance places
We are lovers on the moon
We dance together all day
And make love in the afternoon

Your eyes I get lost in
Your lips I long to kiss
But now there is nothing
Just a quiet darkness
It's you that I miss

I wonder where you have gone
In my mind I imagine all kinds of things
I worry what has happened to you
Not a word do I hear
My worry turns to fear

I pray you will be alright
It's been too long
And I dream of you everynight


Aww Carol, what can i say except beautiful, Love u MUM,


@ Carol,
These are my feeling`s toward`s my B/F,
But not the fear part tho ............

As per vary good ..............

Tommy lol xxxx

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