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A job I could do

The job I would want to do is not a job that has been created. The job I like to do is a job that has all of my hobbies made into one. There is no name for such a job. I want a job where I can write, read, take photos, be comfortable, where I can make art in any form I choose, may it be dance or through objects such as paint, and make videos. There truly is no one job that is this. A job like this is a one of kind, that’s unattainable unless I myself create it. This is the job I would want but can not have.

Most would think me naive for picking such and idealistic job but I can not help it. it’s the things that I truly like and truly enjoy doing. I wouldn’t have a problem doing it for the rest f my life because its not just one thing day in day out, its multitasking at its finest.

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