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it has come to my attention that a few on here do share a common language with me and its not english, but until the early 19cen, it was a spoken language, not a written one, but was written down so that the verse of the gaels, would not be lost forever, in scotland , it has become a minority language, english being common, but it is still fighting for its survival, and if we do get our independence and freedom, then it will become a language renewed oncemore, and the atrocities, of outlawing the language, dress & music of the gaels, can be forgiven.
So i will share some verse with all, gaelic first, then english translation underneath each verse.


Cumha a ` Bha`illidh Mho`ir

Tha sgeul anns an du`thaich, `s tha sinn sunndach ga h-e`isdeachd,
Gu bheil am Ba`illidh na shineadh, `s gun trid air ach le`ine,
`S e gun chomas na bruidhneadh, gun sgri`obhadh, gun leughadh;
`S gu bheil cu`l-taice nan ileach na shineadh, `s chan e`irich

There is news in the land that makes us happy to hear it-
The factor stretched out without a stitch but a death -shirt
unable to speak,or practice reading or writing;
the Islaymens's patron lies prostate, with no prospect of rising.

`S nuair the`id iad don bha`ta ni sinn ga`ir' a bhios `eibhinn
`S nuair chruinnicheas sin co`mhla bidh sinn ag o`l air a ch`eile
Usige-beatha math Ga`idhealch, fion la`idir is seudar;
`S cha bhi sinn tuilleadh fo cha`ram on a sgi`ursadh a` bheist ud.

When they go to the boat we'll have a laugh that is hearty
and, when we gather together,we'll drink toasts to each other
with good highland whisky,with strong wine and cider
without any more worries, since the beast was sent packing.

Gum bi a` Factor air thoiseachd san t-sloc sa bheil satan,
`S Aonghas Mo`r as a dheaghaidh,`s lasair theine ri mha`san,
Leis na rinn thu de ainneart air mnathan`s air pa`isdean,
`S an sluagh bha san du`thaich rinn thu sgiu`rsadh far sa`ile.

The factor will be foremost in a the pit owned by satan,
and Big Angus right behind, with a flame of fire at his buttocks,
because of all your oppression of women and children,
and the folk of this land that you drove over the ocean.

`S nuair a chualaig iad an Canada gun do chaidil a`bhe`ist ud,
Chaidh an tein`-e`ibhinn fhadadh is chaidh bratach ri geugan;
`S ann an sin a bha Ia`n aighear, `s iad a` tachairt ri che`ile,
`S chaidh iad uil` air an glu`inean `s thug iad cliu` gun do dh`eug thu.

When they heard in Canada that that beast was unconcious,
bonfires were lit and banners fastened to branches;
their joy was then boundless, as folk met one another-
they all fell on their knees, and praised God that you'd snuffed it.

Lament for the Great Factor, was a true story written in the gaelic verse about the highland clearences that happend after culloden, and sheep were brought in and people were driven of the land.
Many went all over the world.
And it was about the clan ROSS, and it part of their history, so the few people on here with the surname of ross,in other parts of the world, this is part of your identity and history.


Yep, i Love It. Tanx Babe

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