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These are difficult times for all of us in America and even though it has brought out the worst in some, it has also brought out the best in many.
For as long as I can remember in all of my sixty-two years, there has always been some struggle for equality in this country. There has never been a time when “Liberty and Justice For All,” has meant exactly what it says. Although we have made great strides in America, the struggle for total equality still continues.
The struggles between the government and it’s people, the rich and the poor, illegal aliens and citizens, women and men, young and old, a woman’s right to choose and those who would restrict it, the struggle of minorities to achieve their rightful place in society, and of course; gays right to marry the person of their choice.
The right of gays to marry, has most recently, been a particularly difficult issue. Dividing the country with almost as much passion as the civil rights movement of the sixties. It has become as much a religious issue as a political one, neither of which should even be a factor in a situation clearly about the basic human rights of a select group of American citizens. Americans, I might add, that work to make this country great, pay their fair share of taxes, get involved in other social issues, and show a genuine compassion for the struggles of others; despite the outright hatred they are forced to deal with. Especially from some of this country’s elected officials, who are duly sworn to protect the Constitution of The United States. A Constitution drawn up to guarantee all of it’s people the same rights and privileges, though as we all know, such is not the case. The inalienable rights of, “Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness,” written to insure these rights has not been faithfully fulfilled. It’s as though, those who were chosen to serve the people have become those who attempt to rule the people in a purely discriminatory and unlawful manner. These selected leaders, with the assistance of religious zealots have continuously promoted hatred instead of cultivating understanding and unity. Directly restricting and even preventing certain citizens in this country the most basic right, the right to marry and openly declare the love they have for one another. A right given to every other American citizen. This can no longer continue or even be tolerated.
Hatred toward anyone shows contempt for us all. Human rights should not be selective, nor should anyone, especially in The United States of America, be denied rights that every other citizen of this great country is entitled to. Imagine that, entitled to, while others are excluded.
Now is the time to right the wrongs promoted and dictated by a select few. Now is the time to prove to the world we are not the hypocrites they believe we are. Now is the time to be the example of equality we hope the rest of the world will emulate. Now is finally the time to end the pettiness, the injustice, and the hatred.
The promises set forth by The Founding Fathers of this country must never become broken promises by those who have been elected by the people, to uphold and defend the very foundation of fairness and freedom that this country was built upon. The soul of this nation rests in the seat of the words written to guide and protect us since the very beginning of our nation.
The honor and dignity of each American citizen must be protected in order for this country to survive and move forward. The Constitution contains no exclusion clauses when it comes to the rights of it’s people, nor shall that ever be changed if we are to remain a free country.
Then there are those that consider gay marriage, a moral issue, but who in this country is so pure of heart, that they have any right to impose moral judgment on anyone else? Who is so morally perfect that they should, “cast the first stone?” If we are all created in God’s image, who is therefore in any position to question what God himself has created? The beliefs and traditions of the past must now give way to a new set of beliefs and traditions, which accept all people, no matter who they choose to love. Love should never be the subject of public debate or moral judgment. The right to marry someone you have chosen to love and spend the rest of your life with is a personal choice, not a legislative agenda. If that were so, then every citizen should be held to the same standard, restrictions, and laws. If marriage is to be legislated to the point where the government chooses for you who you can or cannot marry, then every citizen should have their freedom of choice impeded upon.
Some fight for the right to bear arms, while restricting someone else’s right to join arms. Contrary to popular belief, it is not gay marriage that is destroying the American moral standard, but the hatred directed toward it. People are being restricted in their love for another human being, while hatred is being given free reign. Since when has hatred and persecution become morally acceptable?
America has chosen ignorance over understanding, intolerance over compassion, and discrimination over acceptance. Is this the America we want to leave for future generations? Is this truly our legacy?
I too, have a dream, much like the great civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. My dream is that one day all love and those we freely choose to love will be accepted in men’s hearts and minds as it is in God’s eyes. I too, have a dream that hatred and moral judgment will no longer be passed from one generation to the next. I too, have a dream that verbal or physical acts of violence against the gay community will no longer be tolerated or allowed. Laws should be enacted to protect people, not deny them their rights. I too, have a dream that one day this country, The United States of America, will wake up and decide it’s moral obligation is to all of it’s people without restriction, condemnation, discrimination, or persecution.
I, too, have a dream.
When all is said and done, we will all inevitably be judged by who we chose to love, not who we chose to hate. I think God would agree with me. Where will you be in God’s eyes?
I too, have a dream!

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