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I look at you
I see your eyes so blue
Your smile so wide
My love for you I can't hide
I love how you make me feel
How could this not be real
Kiss me softly once more
Your body I want to explore
I hear the rip of clothes
And there you are naked from your head to your toes
You push against me and I feel your heat
My hands on your back now scratching down is your treat
As you moan in my ear "please give me more"
Oh you know it's you I adore
I bite softly into your neck
I'll make love to you till you feel like a train wreck
Your knees will be weak
Oh yes I will surprize you with my technique
From bottom to top
You'll beg me to never stop
You'll feel pleasure and pain
And you'll beg me again


Tanx Carol, That's so Beautiful


Yes Carol,
is also,Vary,vary,Beautiful,too.

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