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The Now Generation - JUST FOR FUN

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A self-assured student in a packed auto bus, is taking the time to explain to an aged gentleman sitting beside him, why the older generation can't understand today's youth.
"You were born and grew up in a different world which was almost primitive" says the student whit a voice loud enough to be heard by everyone in the bus.
"We, the youth of today have grown up with the internet, television, airplanes, jets, voyages into space and man walking on the Moon. Our space probes have visited Mars. We have ocean liners that run on nuclear energy. We have cars that run on electricity and hydrogen, as well as computers that are able to do calculations almost a light speed and a lot more.
After a brief silence, the older man replied, "You are right, young man, we didn't have all these things when we were young.
It is we, however, who invented them. What are you, with your arrogance, doing for the next generation?"
All the passengers on the bus applauded.


So.so,true true,Jim. Vary Good, lol xxxxx