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Done With My New Poem - Gay Guys! <3

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i took some days off...and then came back to it...i finally finished it...i hope you guys like it...like always i appreciate your input and criticism...so be honest...thanks...

One Direction

I sit and ponder on the past,
looking back to good old days,
hoping all the good will last,
though it ends just as a phase.

Released from time and its flow,
I’m cease to move in my head,
attached to what I can’t let go,
back to when no tears were shed.

I am here yet I’m also gone,
all I want is to have it back,
but time continues to go on,
reminding me to stay on track.

Time tells me that I cannot stay,
The past can’t make me happy,
I’ve somehow made it to today,
now I feel twice as crappy.

False happiness begins to fade,
time seems like an endless waste,
nothing I can do I’m afraid,
life is meant to be embraced

Some people say life isn’t fair,
but life is always on the move,
continuing to go somewhere,
no matter if you disapprove.

I’m alive, I shouldn’t complain,
happiness will follow along,
I have to work through the pain,
I just wish it wouldn’t take long.

Now I have to find my way,
happiness will wait for me then,
we’ll reunite soon some day,
and I’ll be happy once again.


well even tho you deleted it...i can still read it in my e-mail...don't know why you decided to delete it...but thanks anyways Richard...


Ur welcome Jony, just thought it was the wrong word's


I like it Jony..Very well writting...


nice poem... perhaps you can enlighten us on what was your inspiration behind that poem..?


well sometimes when things aren't so good...most people go back to their good memories...some disconnect and dwell on the past...but well no matter how much you would like to re-live your past good experiences...time doesn't allow us to go backwards...both time and life have only one direction and that's to go forward...because even when we take the time to stop...everything is still in motion...we should really focus on moving forward...and hopefully along the way we can find happiness once again...


yeah... i can understand that totally...

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