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"some things are better off forgotten..."
remember when you said that?
remember when -
i disappeared from your life, for our sake.
and things were just...
too much for you to take.
you needed to -
satisfy a life that wasn't yours -
and now we're on this road in this course,
of distance & time,
well isn't that just sublime?
you told me to go & I did.
wondering here & there,
when & where,
if you'd ever call my name,
if you'd ever smile at me again.
now a year's gone by,
and... I still think of you.
i wonder if you're okay,
if you're in pain
or if you're happy...
i'm reminded by the little things;
but I guess that was then.
i wish I could believe it,
as strongly as you seem to be,
that "some things are better off forgotten..."
maybe then, at least from you, I can be free.
i am you,
the one on a side-street outdoor cafe,
sipping hot-brews and molding to the world,

you are me,
hanging on the thread of every word,
needing each word to survive,
to breathe -

the world spins around us, and we are them -
they who are chameleons ever changing -
our souls are a collective of shattered glass
to a broken mirror

each of us a puzzle piece trying to fit together,
yet the mirror breaks effortlessly, constantly
a reminder that without the resin of our souls -
you and i are strangers eternally
how can i believe the things you say,
when the things you do contradict -
doubt lingers audibly, my dear
as clear as the rain beckoning outside
my windowsill, a thousand infinite
teardrops from a now jaded sky,
my heart beats repulsively in pain -
oh how i only wish your truthfulness -
do you love? or love the idea?
it aches me to wonder, this constant ponder -
it sickens me that i can't get you out of my head,
nor how my breath stills longing you -
but my heart and mind are in this
constant battle of wits
existing and igniting in unison -
oh i wonder if your love is true,
i have yet to taste your kiss, which speaks
a thousand songs of drums beating,
as i have kissed you
a dead man walks;
he does not breathe.
he feels nothing but the cold -
alive but no soul. awake,
a dead man walks
to the beat of rattling bones
- aching, rotting,
a dead man walks
understanding the warmth
of yearning - an empty,
unsatisfied hunger-
a dead man walks lying still in his sleep
suffocating words that mean nothing to me
the regrets of a writer's sanctity
lose the smiles, lose the faith, condemn jubilee
freeing out your soul isn't as easy, it seems
lose your ways, lose your love, lose the muse that feeds
every bit of passion that once burned so fierce
'til your breathless at your wake and reduced to tears


This is awesome Danaea.. I loved It from the moment I started to read on my email notification n I never realised you're the one who is always in the group chats .. Geezz what's wrong with me - lol .... Anyways this is an awesome work .. That is what I wanna say .. :O


Thank you Ella
I'm glad you love it.
Lol, I don't really say much in the group chats anyway.
Just sometimes, lol so nothing's wrong with you.


Okay k , m glad there is nothing wrong with me - lol ... Coz I didn't know you were the one in group chats :P I will only go into the room to check It out If there're nasty guys. And usually when the chat moves , It's moving like a train - too fast I was lost during the convo - Lmao ..

Yes ... This poem is great ... I personally love the ending of this poem xx


very well done


I'm glad you think so, thank you Evelyn

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