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what can I say?
It’s always packed.
Everyone talking over each other.
There is never a dull or quiet moment in there.
Everyone has their own little crowds to hang out with,
and there own little places where they sit.
And then every now and then,
someone who doesn’t really belong to a group will just come and sit on their own,
while everyone just sits and stares at them.

God the random crap that goes on there is awesome.
There’s always something random happening.
Especially with one particular group,
they always come out with aloud of random crap.

Out of the groups that I hang out with,
I seem to be the normal one,
the odd one out.

Take it back.
In a way I am less normal then them.
And the people I talk to,
are never normal.
Normal people never talk to me,
they judge me by the way I look.

When people get pissed off,
they come to the wicked,
to their friends,
to calm down and vent what has happened to them.

It’s filled with music most of the time.
And the televisions are never off.
The wicked is the best place in the whole world.
Everyone loves it.
And everyone loves the friends they have made their threw their old friends,
their friends since before high school.

The random drawings that one of the groups do are brilliant.
They even right song lyrics on a piece of paper and draw pictures based on them.
All the stuff they do is always the first thing that comes into their head.


Finally I get to read all your work once again Sian .. I love this poem


Well done with this one ............


thank you I wrote about a cafe in my college.


Really nice! Speaks a lot about what's going on in the world today. At least the way I took it. Very very nice!

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