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Mermaid love

Love of the sea.
Love of the kill.
Lowering people into the sea, rivers and lakes.
Drowning them in their sorrow, in the depths of the water, all because of their jealousy of those who live on land, and can breathe above the water.

Riding the raves like if they are a rollercoaster.
Sleeping in shell beds, covered in fake blossom pink seaweed, using the skin they have stole of others as guilt.
Eating the flesh of the breathers from above the water, from the sand, mountains and skies.
Living there lives like there is no end.

Living in coral made houses, under the waves.
Storms from above creating waves destroying their homes, one by one, under the crystal blue water.
Poisoned by the breathers from above water, from the sands, mountains and skies.

Trying as hard as they can to fight for what they think is right, even though it ain’t
Hearts rained by revenge.
Black painted hearts.
Loosing what really matters.
Even killing humans they love, and care for because of hate.

Acting like there is nothing to lose.
Like there is no such thing as love.
Like they don’t really care.
Losing their own children to the breathers, because their children have fell in love with them.


I used to get mesmerized by their beauty on movies - lol ... I know that they exist somewhere not near this universe , their own universe .. What a work .. You're really talented Sian xx


Yes Siany,
I must admit,you
have got a Talent all right .............

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