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Does Religion Cause More Harm Than Good??? - Gay Guys! <3

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well i took a look at Gary's discussion about God...and made me remember my one discussion of my spiritual experience...and well one point that was brought up was that religion does more harm than good...and honestly...the way i see it...you can't blame religion for something people misinterpreted...it's not the 1st or the last time people will use religion as a shield...the crusaders did it by killing in the name of their "Lord"...early americans created a stupid concept called manifest destiny...they had to hide behind God to justify a war...people will always use religion as an excuse to justify their action...but you have to see that even tho they hide behind religion...their intentions are fueled by something religion doesn't teach...and that's hatred and ambition...now days we don't have people causing wars in the name of God...now we deal with people who pretty much hate anyone who doesn't follow their religious lifestyle...but is that God's true message???...do you honestly think that's what the bible really says???...probably not...for those who aren't familiar with it...the interpretations are limitless...but in the end when you're heart isn't in the right place and love doesn't exist in both your heart and mind...you're pretty much looking for what you want to hear...these people don't carry the real message from God...they only say what they feel...and it's all selective reading...if they truly followed the word of God...they'd be a lot more conservative than they really are..and in fact not to say that old testament has no importance...but it sounds to me that it was pretty chaotic...and the world was in turmoil with the idea of furious God...and that's why God sent Jesus to calm everybody down...and instead of believing in an all powerful wrathful God...we needed to know that there was actually God who was understanding and loving...the overall message was love...and as for religion itself...the way i see it...it teaches us how we're supposed to be good selfless loving people...so i say we can't punish or condemn a whole religion for the actions and misinterpretations of a person who can't even begin to comprehend what that religion is truly about...much less if he can't follow the most important thing...which is love thy neighbor and forgive and love your enemy...so religion isn't what causes the harm...it's actually good...it's the people who make the decisions and it's the people who do the harm...


Religion its for CONTROL the SOCIETY


Therese the good and the bad. The good side is some people find hope or the "strength" they need in tough situations or to feel less alone or simply just looking for guidance. Religion in itself does no harm but the people associated with the Church ( or whatever the case may be) twists the words of "God" to fit their beliefs and in doing this causes harm to others. For example, the famous quote, "Being gay is a sin!" or "All gays go to hell!" Human kind take something so pure and taint it with their own hate.


i don't think you understood me right Gary...i'm not saying that having no religion is the answer...i'm a catholic after all...or so my beliefs are...but i also have personal beliefs on the side...so i can't say i'm all the way catholic...but well i'm not really going against my faith in doing so...or so i would think...anywho...i do believe there is a God out there...He isn't known as the greatest father in the world...people who don't accept Him or even know Him...are quick to judge him...ask why he allows such evil in the world???...but what people forget is that since the beginning of time we've always had a choice...and according to the bible that choice was made...and just as there was a choice back then...we still have that same choice now...do some good...or give into evil...sure God can put an end to all the suffering and what not...but why should he clean up after OUR mess???...just as our parents have to teach us about actions and consequences...so does He...but i admit some of the suffering falls on innocent people who did nothing wrong...but apparently the mistake of even one person can effect everyone and cause a dramatic change...and sadly it's not fair...but i'm sure God is merciful enough to take those innocent lives into His Kingdom...it may not sound all that great to some...but that's the only positive thing i can think of...


religion was never meant to good it was a way of controling people trhough fear


I see religion as a man-made construct, a system designed by man to benefit man. Therein lies the problem: man is truly fallible, and as such is bound to make mistakes, some more glaring and horrible than others. When we live as imperfect beings, encapsulated by religious teachings, chaos and disorder is bound to rule the days, adversely affecting countless lives from one generation to the next. Doubtful? Look around you. Any questions?

God--or Divine Spirit, The Almighty, Divine Intelligence, whatever one's moniker is for a divine entity--is PERFECT. God is LOVE. God is everything good and positive--to the believer. God is not, however, a religion...and too many people equate religion to being God. Nothing could be further from the truth. Does God contradict itself? Lead people to confusion? Damn one group of individuals while proclaiming ultimate victory in life for another? It doesn't add up nor does it make sense. Somewhere in the mix, man injected a bit of his own rhetoric and shenanigans into the pudding--and the masses have consumed this poisonous mix for so long now that it doesn't know how to pull away from the table, collect itself, and think twice about what it ingests. That's mortifying for too many. It's easier to remain at the table and continue to sup on whatever the kitchen help is whipping up. Complaining about the meals would be considered rude and, after all, what gives us, the 'little people', the authority or right to complain when we're being freely fed?

I think when one begins to look inward and focus on his/her spiritual attributes, he finds his belief system takes on a whole new meaning and dimension. You begin to question everything you've been taught. You're filled with a strong sense of nagging discomfort; something is definitely wrong. Usually what's wrong is what RELIGION has force-fed you to accept as just and utterly true. Killing...in the name of God/religion? Oppression...in accordance to religious doctrine? Does this even remotely strike anyone as good, loving and positive? Is that really what God approves of? Seriously?

When I began to find numerous faults with religion--and, again, question--the [church] community was quick to admonish me. How many times in life did I hear the scripture about not '...leaning not unto my own understanding...'? I found that insulting and asinine in nature. I didn't want to place my stamp of truth upon anything; I wanted GOD'S TRUTH. And, I set out to find it, one step, one day, at a time. My spiritual journey began, and I became the happiest creature on Earth (an exaggeration to be sure, but indulge me a bit). I've grown as a spiritual being wrapped in human fabric, and I'm just arrogant and pompous enough to say that I showcase more love, more acceptance and more understanding than most so-called Christians I grew up with. My life is a full reflection of what God would have me be, not what the religious Nazi's say I am and should further myself to be. Much work remains to be done to polish me off and make me shine even brighter, certainly. I won't stop growing until the physical aspect of me dies. But I'm walking my path, and I'm not walking alone.

Religion: Zero. Embracing God within: TOUCHDOWN. It really doesn't get any simpler, or better, than that.


I've always seen religion as one group trying to inpose their values upon another group. Religion historically has been used by an elite group to enrich themselves and control and use less powerful group. Even break off groups eventually forget why they went their own way and try to control the behavior and thinking of others and if you don't conform to their way of thinking you're bound for hell.