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Some of Life's truisms - JUST FOR FUN

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In every church, there is something that doesn't ring true.

Love is like a photograph.... It develops in the dark.

Why do I have to go to bed when my parents are tired?

Children are like pets. We only endure our own.

Invoices from a lawyer - Even if one is declared 'Guilty', we are innocent enough to pay his/her fees.

There are 2 things in life that are inescapable: Death & Taxes.

The advantage of being intelligent, is that sometimes you can act like a fool, whereas the reverse is impossible.

Vinegar is like Viagra: they both make the pickle hard.

One must love his neighbour - the others are too far away.

If love is blind, then marriage makes one see clearly.

God gave money to the rich because normally the poor don't have bank accounts.

The habit does not make the MONK'S HEAD, it only hides it. (think uncircumcised penis)

To have money in front of you, why do you have to put it aside?

Work is good for those who have nothing to do.

A jury is a group of people who try to determine which criminal has the better lawyer.

A patient says to her doctor, "Since you prescribed those sleeping pills for me, I am sleeping the entire night. It's incredible!"
The doctor asks "Are you taking one or two per night?"
The patient replies "I don't take any, I give them to my husband."

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