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Dark Submission 

Soft and gentle, no hit me hard 
But you seem so sweet 
A nicer girl you'll never meet 

I'll rip you apart 
and take hold of your heart 
You want pleasure and pain 
I'll leave you tied up in the rain 

You'll be cold and wet 
I'll make you never forget 
You know you mean nothing to me 
Then I'll set you free 

You should run away 
But you crawl back 
you'll want me more everyday 

Your need will grow and grow 
Till you worship every part of me 
From my head to my toe 

You'll beg me for pain 
And play this silly game 
Again and again 

I love your scream 
When you see 
I have strawberries 
And whipped cream 

Your excitement grows 
Handcuffs and leather 
Now close your eyes 
I have a blindfold and a feather 
Oh wonderful thing we can do together


ooh la la Carol.....


@carol you scare me!!!!


aww sorry I scared you come here I'll give you a cuddle




carol love it, just what i needed, and june i thought that you would have liked it, not scared, its nice.


naughty and nice LOL


good writing. I should go back to writing. What do you think Carol?


Of course you know I'd say YES.
I was teribble at school.
But now we have wonderful things like spell check
I was inspired to write by a beautiful poet she would say things like just write.
I find I write best in the middle of the night I'll just wake up and it just comes to me. I think I have a special angel who whispers in my ear because when I read things back in the morning I really don't know where it came from.


Very nice!!

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