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well it's been a few days now...and i've been talking to my closest friends...and well they've been helping me get over the whole thing with my friend leaving me...yes i'm sad to see her go...but well i gotta be grateful for what i still have...and i still have 2 close friends who are still with me...and i have time to form new friendships...some will stick by me and some will just fade away...it's just the facts of life... i need to trust myself a lot more...stop fighting the inevitable...and learn to expect the unexpected...but well life still has a few surprises left...let's hope there are some good ones in store for me...


Jony friends come and go in ones life so just have fun meeting new ones...


just keep believing things will get bettter and they will, and when you least expect it someone new will be in your life, just take life one day at a time.


Jony, hang in there. Life puts alot of people in our path. Some are solid steppping stones that get us across turbulant waters safely and help us build strong foundations, others are not as strong but still helpful. And ofcourse, we alawys have a few that are not too stable! They cause us to trip and fall. You still get up and keep on going! So, get up! Laugh! And keep an eye out for the next strong stone.


thanks Elvia...those words really touched me...and i feel they hold the truth...and well i still have 2 best friends and i'm grateful to have them...and unlike this one friend...well i can tell they're not gonna go anywhere...and we'll stick together for a long time if not forever...but i can only hope all friendships last forever...but chances are...they won't...and i just need to live with that...thanks guys...


That was great everyone, just wanted to add: everyone that comes and goes in your life also can be great lessons (after some pain and grieving) that can shape you into an incredible man of compassion, if you let it