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What Is The Meaning Of Friendship??? - Gay Guys! <3

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in my friend's message she wrote..."i don't see our friendship going anywhere"...and i ask myself...where was our friendship supposed to go???...i didn't think that friendship have a sense of direction...i thought they were more about connecting and forming a bond with people...after that you go wherever you wanna go...you see i have friends that i just socialize...and talk to once in a while...and don't have that much of a deep connection...and then there are my best friends which now has been decreased to 3...and these 3 people are like my family...people who know me...who stick by me...and i thought that this friend was one of my bestest friends...she was the one that was the closest to me than anyone else...and now...bam...suddenly..."i don't want you in my life anymore"...then to top it of she adds "it's not you"...she's thrown me in a big ball of confusion in which only she has the answers but is refusing to tell me what those answers are...anywho...what does friendship mean nowdays???...in what direction does it have to go for it be a meaning long-term friendship???...i ask you guys...what is the meaning of friendship???


she is telling you in a nice way that she does not want to be friends with any one that is gay. it is your friends loss. so you need to go forward instead of back wards Jony.


Maybe she was hoping for more. Wanting to try and change you, and then discovered that she couldn’t. Maybe she fell in love with you, and knowing that you’re gay, felt that it may hurt too much to stay just friends, while desiring to have more with you. Either way, it sounds she’s too embarrassed to tell you the real reason. Give her time. If she really values you as a friend, she’ll come back. As for the meaning of friendship......well, it’s not that easy to define after all. Generally real friendship culminates in common interests, beliefs, and support, no matter what. I’ve always believed that friendships and relationships are still two separate entities. For me sex has never come into play with good friends. It’s kinda an icky thought for me :-) Well, they say there’s the exception to the norm, but not ever in my experience. Unfortunately real friends are hard to find, and one should cherish them when one is fortunate to have even just one! Luv n Light Michael


Yes,i think that the Best Friend that i have ever had
and will ever have is my self. ( Yes i am my best friend
to my self ).
This i think, what i have found, is TRUE Friendship,
every sense of the word. LOL. xxxxxx


And my next,best Friend,is my Boy Friend,
to whom i Love,Vary,vary much. xxx

I am also,making,a lot of Vary nice/good Friend`s on here
Too. LOL,xxxxxxxxxx


I have to agree with Homer


And yes,i also,agree with
Homer,as well, xxxx


For me the meaning of true friendship is sharing everything with someone you really feel close to, so that you develop a strong bond together based on a deep understanding of each other’s personality, character and intellect.

Most of the friendships I have now or have had previously in my life have developed because we find we have a real interest in each other and get a lot of pleasure from sharing things and learning things from each other. A friendship is different from a boyfriend/girlfriend/partner relationship; it is neither possessive or exclusive. There is theoretically no limit to the number of real friends you could have although I would say between one and five would be what one might hope for.

I believe that there is a type of love that goes well with friendship, different to the romantic love of a primary relationship, but nevertheless a love that gives me a warm glow and a sense of joy and closeness. I like to be able to offer my friends a real commitment.

Friendship is predominantly centred in the head rather than in the heart as is the case with romantic love. However, I find it’s quite OK and really pleasurable to have a level of physical contact with friends, such as hugs, and arms on each others shoulders, freedom to be physically close and touch and maybe exchange a kiss or greeting cheek-to-cheek.

It is an incredible privilege to be someone’s friend. There is a huge amount of mutual trust invested in a friendship. I believe it is really important to have several really close friendships in addition if possible to a Number One boyfriend/girlfriend/partner. I enjoy friends both male and female, older and/or younger, and with different interests. Friends give me a feeling of support and bouyancy on the stormy waters of life, friends are always there, can be called or met both in times of need and at times for celebration.

Friends are the people I could not live without.


Friendship is not just I-know-you-You-know-me, I-love-you-You-love-me kind of thing. Its more than that. If a friendship can make us feel comfortable, accepted, loved, appreciated, respected, heard, strong, inspired, confident, and all the other good things then I think it is really worth having.

I have friends. I know what kind of a friend I have been and I know what turns off friends. What exactly you hate done to you is what basically you can't do to your friends or they all turn away.


Friends accepth each other for who they are... They help and support you without asking anything in return... They know how to cheer you up whenever you feel down... When you are with friends you can be yourself... When you are with friends you feel like you don't have a care in the world...
When I came out I was afraid what they would think or say, afraid they would not like me anymore or even hate me (all my life I have been surrounded by hate). But as they are my friends none of that happened. They supported me (and still do) and help me, make me realise they are my friends and will be there for me whenever I need them :-) As I will be there for them :-)
That is what friendship means to me :-)


Hello Jony, you are not the problem your friend is. I agree with the majority of what these guys have said. Friends accept you for who you are, not what you can do for them or give them. I can a long while without seein a few of my friends (both gay and straight), and we can pick up pretty much where we left off. Basically your friend or ex friend as maybe the case now had no right calling themselves a friend to you. By the sound of it, its their loss Jony. You take care of yourself, because you are Jony Star and nobody can ever take that away from you.