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in my friend's message she wrote..."i don't see our friendship going anywhere"...and i ask myself...where was our friendship supposed to go???...i didn't think that friendship have a sense of direction...i thought they were more about connecting and forming a bond with people...after that you go wherever you wanna go...you see i have friends that i just socialize...and talk to once in a while...and don't have that much of a deep connection...and then there are my best friends which now has been decreased to 3...and these 3 people are like my family...people who know me...who stick by me...and i thought that this friend was one of my bestest friends...she was the one that was the closest to me than anyone else...and now...bam...suddenly..."i don't want you in my life anymore"...then to top it of she adds "it's not you"...she's thrown me in a big ball of confusion in which only she has the answers but is refusing to tell me what those answers are...anywho...what does friendship mean nowdays???...in what direction does it have to go for it be a meaning long-term friendship???...i ask you guys...what does a friendship mean to you???


I have found that when someone tells you, it's not you it 's their way of blaming you without you knowing it. Friendship to me means being there when I'm needed, lending a shoulder to cry on, drying your friends tears. Friendship grows from day to day, month to month, year to year. friendships move forward day to day a friend is someone you can laugh and cry with and tell them your deepest secrets and vice versa. I would be honored to be friends with you.


you know there were signs that i saw coming from a mile away...but refused to believe it...cuz i wanted to think that she was truly my friend...but the more i remember...the more obvious it was...and i should've been more prepared for something like this...i never knew much about her...yet she knew everything about me...i just thought she was a private person...but that maybe somewhere along the line i'd get a chance to know her...but it seems i was wrong about that...but well this won't stop me from making new friends...i'd be honored to be your friend too Jodie...thanks...


Yes,Jony,i have found,that the Best frend who i have ever
had,and will ever have,is my Self.!!!!!!!.

What,i think i have found with in my self,is True,Friendship.


And my next best friend,is my Boy Friend,to
whom i Love,Vary,vary,much.

I am also are making a Lot of Nice/good Friend`s
on here too.



Yes Jony,I have found that the peaple,who you think
are your Friend`s,are not.

These peaple,you will find,will soon move on to new
peaple,alot ??.

I am finding that this seem`s to be a vary in thing
to do,in this modern Age. ??.

Out of,say,20 peaple,who say,that they,are your Friend,
Out of these 20 peaple,you will be Vary Lucky to find
ONE, !!!!!!!!.
This Jony,seem`s to be the Modern way of Doing thing`s
now. LOL, xxxxxxxxx


It is that way! Got get all I can from you then split. And it happens over and over. People don't understand commitment, loyality and the kind of everlasting love. But I'm not that kind of person, that's why I'm single.

I sometimes wonder what happens to these kind of people when their older, do they wonder if one of the "bumps" along the way was really their perfect partner! Seem so sad ;,(,,,,,,,,

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