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Have you ever met anyone whether here on gays, another web site or in real life otherwise that you have felt an awkward relation has occoured whether in discussion or who you may have become friends with?

Understandably, site rules are not too pick on any members or call each other names in any respect, but have you ever had an awkward situation with someone or possibly still in an awkward senario with someone / group of people?

Please feel free too chat with myself for example if you feel you may need any advice / assistance.


Dont know If this is the kind of situation you mean but I once started chatting to a guy on another site who at first was nice and friendly, he was in London, I'm in Sheffield (about 200 miles apart if you dont know the U.K). It was just a general friendly chat and then he changed character, wanting me to meet him immediatley and when I said I couldnt meet him he became verbally abusive and accused me of leading him and was generally horrible!! I blocked him on the site but he had somehow got my personal e-mai address and then started to send me abusive e-mails too, It put me off dating sites for a while. This is the first one I have joined since and I have had a complete positive experience on gays.com and chatted to some lovely people who just appreciate this as a social site aswell as a place to possibly meet a partner.


Last year i was chatting with a guy in the UK on another site, and we got on really well. He was a very Handsome guy. Anyway 2 make a long story short, i was prepared 2 fly over 2 meet him, so on the day of my Flight, he e-mailed me and told me he charge's £600 for 2 night's. Well i just was flabbergasted as i thought we were just meeting up for Sex. So i told him, if i wanted a Rentboy i only have 2 go down 2 the park here and get a guy for 50 Euro's. And boy did he get upset.


Thanks Graham and Richard for your comments, yeah all areas under this subject are welcome, those been and gone and present.

In this group I was hoping that people could leave comments like yourself and leave other messages so that other members of this site can see what can and sometimes does go on, so too try help those who may need help in seeing where things are going in their own relationship(s) of any type.

Also in this group I was hoping that any members who may need support along any lines regarding relationships of any kind, can find help from myself or who ever it may be, after all am afraid too say this, but not everyone is trustworthy in what / in all that they say, so anyone who is feeling victim in anyway can find help whether on here or another group, where ever it may be.

Again thank you both for leaving messages / comments in this new group, the more who know of a group like this one, the more can see there's a helping hand (excuse the pun) when they maybe feeling a bit taken granted for or like something isn't quite right.

thanks guy


Agree with Richard and Graham. Just joined this group. Richard and I chat quite often ....he;s a cool dude))) Hi Kate! ox


Hi Wayne, welcome too the group ) Please feel free too converse with others on here / add any messages / comments, please feel free too mention this group too others, the more the merrier. Thanks alot